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If you are of a certain age (40 years old and over) you will recall that Richie Cunningham’s brother Chuck disappeared after season one of writers went through great pains to say goodbye to Henry Blake (Mc Lean Stevenson), but then dropped the ball when the popular Trapper John (Wayne Rogers) left without much explanation.

When Frank Burns (Larry Linville) was canned, they did a little better job – but not much.

(Oddly, the company’s not naming names—or any other information—at this time.) You can see how the changes will look above.

Practically speaking, the idea makes sense in Los Angeles, where finding happily ever after with someone who has a fan club has always been possible for commoners with access.

I'd planned on getting tickets for my kids when that show was announced last November, but I waited until after Christmas. Tickets for the September concerts go on sale Friday, April 13.