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You often believe that changing your behavior will stop the outburst. It NEVER does; it just may keep it at bay for a while.] The tension building stage could last for weeks. This stage gives the victim hope that the abuser will change; this sense of hope generally causes the victim to stay in the relationship.

I spent FOREVER on You Tube trying to find short, informative videos on this topic that weren’t too explicit or a cheesy freshman Wellness project.

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The middle school speaker mainly focused on physical abuse where the man was the abuser and the woman was abused.

After life experience and reading countless articles on this issue, I came to learn there were three types of abuse and that women could abuse men as well.

Do you know how to recognize if you’re in an abusive relationship or how to get out of one?

During the lesson, she showed flip charts about the characteristics of an abuser, what the abuse looks like, etc.

This is the same stage where the abuser is nitpicking at the victim.

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    ’ So reading between the lines a bit, I suspect that hubby is a flirt, and wifey knows that he is too naive about the intentions of the women he is encountering, as one of the key attractors to a women is not being single but being with someone else. that the fact that someone else has already vetted them and thinks them Ok relationship material.

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    Look back at your diary, think back to specifics and there are probably a lot of times when you were lonely, disappointed, insecure, sidelined, teary, clingy, frustrated, angry, too dependent, listless and much more. It can be a shock to discover that your situation isn’t unique and that it’s not about you not being ‘enough’ why this person hasn’t left. This post has been republished due to the very high volume of comments on the original post creating technical issues such as slowing down the site and preventing the original post from being reloaded. Baggage Reclaim is a guide to learning to live and love with self-esteem by breaking the patterns that stand in your way.