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It is the second flagship Android phone, and the fourth Android phone after HTC Dream, HTC Magic, and the original Samsung Galaxy.The phone was made available in the UK on Orange, 3, T-Mobile, BT Broadband Anywhere (MVNO), and SIM-free.

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The outer body is significantly altered, with the controversial "chin" that is present on the Asian, Canadian (some providers) and European models being removed in favor of a smooth, beveled surface where all but two of the once raised buttons now lie flat.

Also due to performance issues some of the clock animations were removed.

Android 2.3 has also been ported to the GSM HTC Hero by the popular aftermarket firmware creation team Cyanogen Mod.

The final stable version 7.2 was released on June 16, 2012, and has been reported as fully operational.

This proved to be so frustrating to consumers that a Facebook group was set up to try to gain more information from Orange and their lack of support for the HTC Hero.

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