Updating sql with adobe designer form

See the script in the "Database" script object in the sample form for more details on how to specify this.

Use the Hierarchy palette to locate it under the root subform.

If you use Live Cycle Designer for your form wizard, you’ll want to edit the form in Acrobat to follow these steps exactly. The fields that are being populated don’t need any javascript.

(It’s important to note here that while you may only have a single data connection which loads data from an you can access its properties just like you can get at the properties of the objects you place on your form.

In this sample, I’ve defined two data connections to the Movie Database: If you look at the node which contains information about the query currently being used by each data connection.

You might’ve also realized that you could narrow the scope of the data connection by specifying a more specific clause, for example).

But what if you wanted the form to filter, on the spot, the data loaded from the data connection?

If you read my previous post on Connecting a Form to a Database, you might’ve realized that the result was a single live data connection to the entire set of records in a database.