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The person that the Smart GO customer is communicating with is not required to have the Smart GO app and can use either a mobile phone or fixed line.

Recharge your account by adding credit via the Smart GO app using regular credit upload services: i.e.

Description: Send a FREE text message to any Smart or Digi Cell number with the phrase: “Please recharge me.” Customers can send five recharge me requests per day. Instructions: Send a text to CALL (2255), in the body of the message type recharge (space) 501 your phone number (Example: recharge 501660####).

Description: Customers can make collect calls to another party, and have that party billed for the duration of the call. There are no restrictions or requirements to place a collect call, customers on all our plans can make one.

Data packages can be bought for your data capable phone, dongle or Mi Fi and can be used anywhere there is Smart coverage.