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The teen and Ferguson had sex in the same apartment on several occasions during their relationship, he told officers. The Plano Independent School District said Ferguson was hired in August of this year and resigned in October.

The most recent occurrence was in the back of his pickup truck after a football game on Nov. Documents state that Ferguson gave the teen alcohol and the two exchanged nude photos via text messages during their relationship.

English teacher Michelle Burress, Plainfield Community Schools' 2017 Teacher of the Year, landed in the school board's cross hairs after the first issue of "The Shakedown" was distributed to students last week.

The magazine headlined "Plainfield High School's Dating Survival Guide Declassified" was created entirely by students in Burress' publications class.

PLANO -- A Plano high school teacher was arrested and charged with sexual assault after police say a relationship between her and a student began on Snapchat.