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The OV-25s started showing up around 1959-1960 and throughout the 1960s, staged an epic battle with the General Electric M400s (see below) for lamppost supremacy on the streets of NYC.I think the GEs edged out the Westies, but each had their strongholds.

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It is home to the Wood Memorial Stakes, a major race in the runup to the Kentucky Derby, each April.

In September 2008 I traversed Liberty Avenue from Lefferts Boulevard west to the Brooklyn border, then back on 101st Avenue.

We held hands and crossed Liberty Avenue to the bench on the triangle.

We sat there until everyone had entered the theatre. I guess that the manager felt like a real fool enforcing that no shorts rule against an eight year old and her six-year-old brother. My mom was angry with the manager, but proud of us for sitting like little statues for such a long time. There is a distinct tinge of sadness now almost half a century later that the UA Crossbay is now gone, I have moved far away to the wilds of central New Jersey, the manager of public morals must have gone to his just reward, and the world is such a different place.

Both signs feature cut-out custom lettering, and identifiable fonts: the “Jewelry” on the roll up gate is in Cooper Black while “Dry Cleaner” is in the ever-popular Helvetica Bold.