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GERMAN: The word geek and speed dating and the fact I need to find myself a geek man. The first two geek speed dating events were sold out.

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To help meet the demand, GCU recently has constructed two cutting-edge buildings with a combined 300,000 square feet to accommodate the University’s rapidly expanding list of STEM programs.

In his remarks, GCU President Brian Mueller stressed the importance of stepping up K-12 STEM education to better prepare students for the rigorous upper-level courses of study. “We have to make a commitment to study in those areas …

It was a popular event this weekend at Phoenix Comicon.

25-year-old Gemma German hoped she would find her perfect match. ANNOUNCEMENT: The dates tonight are gonna run for 4 minutes.

🤷‍♀️ Tacos 🌮 🥑Vegetarian Chef🥒 ☕️ Coffee Addict 🙃 Dreamer by day, thinker by night.😌 Versatile, 🚫Gender Roles 🌷Hopeless Romantic🌷 ✌️Loyalty is everything.✌️ I'm super awkward. My mom was born and raised in Dublin, so I'm lucky enough to have incredibly pale skin and freckles which go wonderfully with all this Az sun : P I love to make people laugh, and enjoy being active whether it's working out, going hiking, or just getting out and hanging out.