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The technology will help users retrieve results that are more accurate and natural, enhance the overall search and translation functionality, and positively impact agriculture, healthcare, education, and governance across India.

In addition, the Microsoft translator is equipped with True Text, a satellite DNN-based system that enhances the translation's contextual appropriateness by filtering out repetition, pauses, and indifferent words.

"It is crucial that ad blockers keep pace with anti-ad blockers in the rapidly escalating technological arms race," Qian says.

Researchers at Microsoft have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and deep neural networks (DNN) to improve real-time language translation for Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil.

Researchers at IST Austria and Harvard, Yale, and Stanford universities have developed a new computing framework that enables the analysis of the effects of crosstalk in social dilemmas or games.

Their work accounts for the quantitative evaluation of the effects of crosstalk on cooperation dynamics in a population.

In addition, the researchers note the model can be applied to any societal network--from a group where everyone knows everyone else to a circle to a random tangle of connections.