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But these biographies, portraying as they do the lives of many men who were most intimately connected with the making of history in the early days of the Cumberland Valley, contain much historical matter and thus have a double value to the thoughtful reader. The data have been obtained principally from those immediately interested and the various items of historical interest are well authenticated and possess a lasting worth enhanced by the fact that many of them would be preserved in no other way. Jacob Beetem married Isabella Wunder- licli, a daughter of Simon and Catherine (Crane) Wunderlich, and granddaughter of Benjamin Crane and Catherine, his wife. During the summer of 1902, they erected, at the corner of Louther anack, and on turning round his gaze met that of an old acquaintance, who unawares to him then lived in Liverpool. He ajipreciated the kindly spirit which prompted her act, but returned them to her with thanks.

We take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the help and encourage- ment we have received in the county, and the volume is issued in the belief that it will form a worthy addition to the private or public librarj'. Catherine Crane, the grandmother, was re- markable for her great longevity. He then went to work in a grocery store; afterward he clerked in dif- ferent dry-goods stores in Car Hsle, both for the sake of employment antl as a means of preparation for a business career. Stephens, under the firm name of Stephens & Beetem, founded the Carlisle Carpet House, located firsr for nine years on East IMain and afterward for si.xteen years on South Hanover street. On making known his intentions to the friend who had so unexpectedly found him, he advised him to apply to the port captain of the Guion Line, which he did with the result that he got an opportunity to work his way back to Xew York on the steamer "Nebraska." After his return to Xew York ISIr. Lucy Patterson, of Bellefonte, wln.i has borne him one child, Winnefred Lucy Brandon. Lucy (Patterson) Brandon had one son, Robert Patterson, who remains a menilier of the family and is an efficient and ol)liging hotel clerk. Brandon from early youth has had a must varied and interesting career. he has met and associated with the world's different natiiinalities and studied them as a student does a book.

George W 337 Brubaker, Jacob N 633 Brubaker, Reuben 259 Bucher, Jarred C 798 Burgett, E. He was preparing corn ground with a large heavy cultivator, drawn by three frisky horses.

Often he undertook tasks that older and stronger hands feared to undertake, and upon one occasion had a thrilling adventure in which he narrowly escaped being killed.

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