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When X-Men: Days of Future Past-The Rogue Cut is released next week, it will add the titular mutant’s cut scenes back into the film.In the theatrical version, moviegoers only saw Anna Paquin’s character for a brief second near the end of the film, but in this extended version, fans can see her back in action and helping out in the fight against the Sentinels.“Through the editing process, the sequence became extraneous,” explained Singer.

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”Notes: Life at Xavier’s gets progressively worse, and Rogue starts to lose it, big time.

Her life begins to unravel and she unwillingly finds herself at the Brotherhood’s door.

When they meet again, they realize they have more in common than they originally thought.”Author’s Synopsis: “Shortly after Operation Rebirth Magneto leaves a note for Rogue asking her to met with him. ‘Well here goes everything.’ she thinks as she walks into what might be the most important conversation of her life.”Notes: An epically long (and as of yet, unfinished) story where Rogue and Magneto have one serious love/hate relationship.

They try and outwit each other and prove to be worthy adversaries.

In the theatrical cut, Kitty was still injured by Wolverine, but simply fought through the pain to keep his mind rooted in the 1970s, and thus kept the story relatively the same.