Registered sex offenders in chattanooga tn hamilton county

Registered sex offenders in chattanooga tn hamilton county-70

40-39-103(a)) A registered sexual offender must update his or her registration within 10 days following employment or after becoming a student or volunteer at an institution of higher learning in the county or municipality where he or she resides.

A sexual offender who is placed on probation or parole in another state for an offense that would be classified as a sexual offense in Tennessee and who is residing in Tennessee is subject to the same registration requirements as an offender who is on probation or parole for a sexual offense committed in Tennessee.

Bradley’s probation officers confirmed to the detective through Bradley’s GPS ankle monitor that Bradley was in the immediate area of the vacant home at the time of the rape.

Bradley has an extensive criminal record that spans more than a page long.

If the court finds that the registered sexual offender has complied with the registration requirements, is rehabilitated, and does not pose a threat to the safety of the public, he or she will be relieved of his or her duty to register.

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