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He says “the Voldemort thing brought a lot of younger fans, who all want selfies.” (It’s really quite funny hearing him say “selfie” in his crisp RP.) Men tell him they love .

A man has never congratulated me on that.” He’s not interested in social media because “then there’s a whole part of one’s brain that is invested in twittering and, you know…” He gestures towards his script, “I’m trying to learn Ibsen.” Your mind is on higher things, I suggest. It’s just different.” He packs a lot into the head space not spent on Twitter.

Fiennes tells me he was inspired by a combination of Noël Coward, David Niven and Laurence Olivier.

That’s quite the triumvirate but, if anyone is worthy of their company, it’s Fiennes, with roles in two of the biggest, most iconic franchises of all time: M in . be present.” This is the deep-thinking, yoga-practising side of Fiennes. It teaches that you can’t force things, you have to accept your limitations.

It took Wes Anderson to have faith.” Gustave is very funny but very dry, immaculately neat but surprisingly sweary, and quite the gent but also quite the womaniser.

Fiennes had met Anderson socially a few times over the years, which perhaps explains why the director could see him in the role.

This odd mix of saucy eccentricity and stiff-upper-lip quintessential Britishness is what makes Fiennes such a conundrum.