Phd vs updating knowledge

This suggests that companies not worry about constantly upgrading their technological systems, but rather focus on creat­ing trusting relationships with their customers.In Singapore, there is a government-run feedback unit where any citizen (person or organization) can voice opinions or make suggestions about national policies.

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Yet the government context is highly significant, because people (and businesses) have no alternative but to deal with governments; they cannot simply take their business to a competitor! How do observ­ations about e-government translate to e-business?

Srivastava and his research partners hypothesiz­ed that trust in both government and technology are critical to e-government success.

As a result, they felt they had been heard, and their leaders were able to make a more informed decision.

Microsoft makes use of a similar system, a “user’s forum” where people can report bugs and offer solutions.

Both user and company benefit from this problem-solving system that reinforces customer/vendor trust and loyalty.