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He will be fine and they have enough rations.' Speaking to the Daily Mail yesterday before the explorer was found, Lenka Allen, a former nurse, said she had told their children, Natalya, ten, Freddie, seven, and Beatrice, two, that 'Daddy's lost'.

She added: 'The little one, Beatrice, is always saying 'Daddy' and she's trying to telephone him on my mobile, looking at his photo on the screen.

Paul Pestille added that Mr Allen's wife, Lenka, 35, has been able to wake their three children up with the good news that their father is fine and will soon be on his way home.

The Yaifo is thought to be one of the last people on Earth to have no contact with the outside world.

Mr Allen was the first outsider to ever make contact with the indigenous tribe, who live in the mountains high above sea level, during a trip to Papua New Guinea 30 years ago.