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Format: 4 one-on-one matches with the winners facing each other in a 30-minute Iron Women match with no DQ. This was a spirited match of scientific mat wrestling. Next Shows: July 4 and 11, 2015 Brockton Fair Brockton, MA Tags Al Basler, Anthony Greene, Barbara Mahoney, Beautiful Buddy Romano, Chris Bartollo, Davienne, El Todo Loco, Everett, Foxx Vinyer, Genesis, Jack Maverick, Kevin Castro, Masshole Mike Mc Carthy, Mike Graca, Miss Sammi Lane, Mistress Belmont, Mr. Graca finished Lennox with a surprise kick to the knee followed by a pin. Al Bassler Interviews SWB Slyck Wagner Brown was never defeated for his Heavyweight title. Mc Carthy is a former TV Champion and is one of the top athletes in The Northeast. Vinyer Canadian Rosenberg has appeared at NECW before. He’s still angry over the concussion that Levesque (accidentally) gave him at last year’s Iron 8 and is also feeling cheated out of his TV Title by the Living Legend Beau Douglas. They decided on a ranked contender that was positively not Jack Maverick – The Masshole Mike Mc Carthy. Referees: Barbara Mahoney, Chris Bartollo, & “The Fabulous One”. W – Shaw Brandino Davis is a well-regarded Journeyman out of The Bell Time Club School.

Winner scores most pin falls or submissions and is awarded the Iron Maiden trophy as well as the vacant WWW championship title. W – Mistress Belmont One of Valentine’s best matches. Any trainee should view this tape a couple of hundred times to understand the essence of the Greco-Roman techniques that are essential to this sport. Slightly implausible but on any given night a kid can beat a savvy technician like Tim Lennox. 11 months ago he was forced to surrender the belt due to a serious patella injury requiring surgery. He said that he has carried the company on his back during SWB’s convalescence and to a large degree that’s true. For some reason the fans don’t seem to like him much. Both men came with their A games but once again Todo Loco was out strategized. Levesque used his asset, ally Sami Lane, in a legitimate distraction scenario to get the edge and beat the Mexican star. As The Professor has stated, there’s nothing inherently wrong with distraction and interference in most matches but in this case, we are all heartily sick of Jack Maverick ruining things. Too bad because both men are deserving of the belt. Genesis left and Mc Carthy and Hollister shook hands like the Sports that they are. Tags Alexxis Nevaeh, Bam Shaw, Barbara Mahoney, Big Bear, Brad Hollister, Brandino Davis, Chris Bartollo, Dan Terry, Davienne, J. (The Professor doesn’t take videos of NECW shows out of respect for their TV taping. However, when said Wrestler is 6’4″ the impact is particularly devastating. Advice to Davienne: Your rage and disappointment are understandable and all-too-human.

Flex applied endless body slams, Chokes, Suplexes, you name it. Jack Maverick did well, but Tagging is not his forte.

It was weird to see Dan Terry struggle against anyone but in this case he did. Stated without equivocation: Flex Damon kicked *#&% this evening. Perhaps he is being groomed for bigger things in the company. Mc Carthy was heard to say at ringside “I’m only tagging with him because I have to.” AARP Member Maverick Wild (Former NECW Heavyweight Champion) looked really good and applied some punishment to his opponents.

Women are now 100% on the level of their male counterparts. What a treat to be able to see this superstar in action. Both Brown and Hollister then attacked Mc Carthy who ended things with a suicide dive on the opponents when they were outside the ring. After all, he has carried the company on his back for years, and deserves his title shot. Surprisingly he got the win on the now veteran Tim Lennox. Vinyer couldn’t stand still and didn’t seem to get the idea. A slugfest ensued outside the ring and both men were counted out. Given that Everett is part of the Boston traffic snarl, this was accepted. Levesque The Wrestling God (until very recently SPW Heavyweight Champion) graced the Everett crowd with his greatness.

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