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By the same token, the opennesss of the authorities does not guarantee that society will have an increased impact on decision-making.

These new actors are fighting for a radical overhaul of the old system of governance and for a new social contract.

This struggle is taking place at different levels, national and local, in different sectors and on a daily basis.

Importantly, once fully implemented, this service will reduce the monopoly of commercial and political interests in the informational space, since it will offer impartial and potentially higher quality media products.

In a situation where most influential TV channels are owned by “oligarchs”, who often use them to further a specific political agenda, public TV can make a difference.

1 The coalition and government crisis sparked by the resignation in February of the minister of economy Aivaras Abromavicius made it all too clear that the old system of governance that has prevailed in Ukraine since independence has yet to be dismantled.