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I am, therefore, sticking with our belief that, over the great sweeping narrative of history, cancer must have been extremely rare in the ancient world compared with today.

It should also be said that the ancient Egyptians, like the Romans and Greeks, had extremely good levels of hygiene, achieved through good water supplies, sewage and bathing facilities.

There was, as far as we know, little of the squalor and stench that we ­associate, say, with the East End of ­London in the Victorian era or the ­poverty-stricken slums of some ­burgeoning cities in the developing world.

My colleague Professor Zimmerman conducted experiments using cutting-edge scanners to see how well cancer tumours are preserved in mummified tissue.

His tests found the ­process of mummification actually ­preserves such tumours very well.

Most of the population undertook ­exercise doing ­manual labour, working in ­agriculture, construction or crafts.

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    Not only will it generate a new ISO but it will also produce a log file which includes the options used when respinning the ISO and serves to document the respun ISO.

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    Almost a year and a half after they were chosen for funding, two Neighborhood Street Fund projects proposed by West Seattleites are going out to bid. The notice says bids will be opened March 7th; we’ll be checking with SDOT on the anticipated construction schedule.

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    We’re dealing now with a show that’s become increasingly impressionistic in its approach, flitting between characters with a speed that makes us unsure as to who here is crucial and who’s merely a glorified cameo.