List of expiration dating of drug patents common isotopes for radiometric dating

Patent legislation is complex and the above table is for guidance only.Please also note that expected patent expiry dates are subject to change when new extensions (SPC or paediatric) are granted or if a legal decision alters the patent status of a drug.

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Some patents have less than the normal life span because their terms are limited to the terms of earlier-issued patents through the use of a terminal disclaimer, which is a result of filing two applications which claimed essentially the same invention.

Terminal disclaimers will be marked on the later-issued patent.

For those who want to get look into a patent’s status, there are a number of steps to perform.

First, if the patent application was filed after June 7, 1995, the expiration date is 20 years from the date it was filed.

Sections on biosimilar developments and patent expiries are also included as well as a list of recently launched medicines with links to relevant guidance and reviews.