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I think I know where they might have gotten that idea. They're going to start playing all over the place, so that's going to be really exciting. And angels are basically any one of us that helps someone else.It's got personal prose, personal stories, and stories from people I know, and some really beautiful prose and poetry that I've found that fit it. So it's similar to the little red book, but in some ways, I think it's even better.

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She's going to be doing more mainstream - she's going to be doing a Jeff Bridges movie after ; because they can see Katie before it all happens. We helped with some of the financing to make it, but [the girls] made it for next to nothing. It sounds like I should definitely tune into more webisodes. We'll rope everyone we can into it, especially the is really funny. So we're going to rehearse it quite well here, then go up there and make it and it'll be really fun. Originally that came from 'plead the fifth.' You have a very talented family!

I would think that there's no one better than you and James [Keach] to give her advice. The second one is the funniest, but a lot of people think the third one is the funniest, too. I don't know how much Joe [Lando] told you about it, but it's for Hallmark and he plays my ex lover, and Katie plays my daughter. and actually James Keach, my husband, has a small role at the end. They loved Joe and they thought he'd be perfect for the role of a guy who used to be in love with me. He writes and plays and sings extraordinarily great music, and the people that know about this stuff have told us that he's the real deal. I'm not sure I can wrap my head around how you balance it all. I also have a book coming out in October called book when our daughter was born. This is just like it, but different in that it's about how if you're heart is closed, you would not know or receive the benefit of the angels among us.

Then, somebody came up with Seymour and it's very English, very easy to spell, easy to remember. The house dates to 950, so its most illustrious past is that the illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII owned it. We went to unbelievable lengths to make sure that it was correct. Really, Western medicine has made huge, extraordinary advances in things that are amazing.

We couldn't remember why it was so easy to remember, and then we realized it was the obscure wife of Henry VIII that no one ever remembered, until of course, they started making hot movies about him. And then of course, when I got married to my now ex-husband, he already had a daughter and we had two children together so the whole idea of being a mother without actually having given birth to a child was sort of actual. Quinn came to believe in the power of Native American medicines during the series. But there are things, for example, well even ten, fifteen years ago when I was doing , I would talk about arnica and people would go, 'Oh no, that doesn't work.' Well now, if you have any surgery at all nowadays, they suggest you take arnica beforehand, during and after.

The television movie marks the second time Seymour has played Prudence Mc Coy, a British version of Martha Stewart.