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Often-times people in general forget that they were bombs to begin with.

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It is said that this powerful desire triggered a sudden mutation in this Pokémon's cells, causing it to sprout its magnificent wings.

I have a theory on why so many of these Hulk toy boxes show up without the eyes – maybe people (and I am talking to you lazy parents! It would explain why I have never seen one in person – and there are so few with even the residue from the glue left on the eyes. Should I bother restoring mine o should I leave it alone – keep in mind restorations are hardly ever worth the money you put into them, as most collectors want originals, and a lot of time restorations are viewed as “undesirable”. Made by Sun Products in 1978, this is the perfect Hulk piece to hold all of you other Hulk toys. The purple bottom fit in perfectly with the Hulk lore of the 70’s and 80’s.

But I am still on the fence about restoring mine – as I think it would look incredible! *People still try to insist that the strecth Hulk is hugely desired – but the truth is there are a few sitting on ebay – and have been sitting – even though the sellers have lowered the prices. It is plastic but the head is molded so perfectly – it’s even intimidating to the people who see it! I reccomend this toy chest to everyone who can find one – everyone who can afford one – this is probably one of my favorite pieces in the whole collection.

Unconventional and gloomily-themed works that star little-known actors are the most prone to this.