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His mother, Karin, recalls that on graduation day it was pouring rain “like it’s perhaps the last day of New York.” Despite the apocalyptic weather, a thousand students lined up in their blue caps and gowns, eager to take their prize.

Nungesser wore a matching blue bow tie and khaki pants, while some of his classmates stuck red tape to their caps, part of a campus anti-sexual-violence organization called No Red Tape, co-founded by Sulkowicz.

He also feared that Sulkowicz would lug that mattress onstage, even though Columbia had warned the seniors not to bring “large objects which could interfere with the proceedings or create discomfort to others.”At the last minute, the family decided to attend.

His parents flew in from Berlin, where they live and where Nungesser is from.

The OCR is investigating 152 colleges for their handling of sexual violence claims, and, she adds, complaints about sexual violence at colleges have increased more than 400 percent.