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Through natural decay of the radioactive isotopes in the used fuel, a comparable toxicity with high-grade uranium ore (such as that found in Canada, although the current average ore grade is Canada is actually closer to 20% — see related FAQ) is reached after several centuries, and with lower-grade uranium ore after about 10,000 years (unless the used fuel is chemically processed to remove and recycle long-lived actinides like plutonium, in which case the time to comparable toxicity with uranium ore is again measured in centuries).

As with many countries with a significant nuclear power program, Canada has focussed its research and development efforts for the long-term management of high-level nuclear waste on the concept of Deep Geological Disposal (DGD).

The radiation level drops to about 1 Sv/h after 50 years, 0.3 Sv/h after 100 years, and less than 0.001 Sv/h (100 mrem/h) after 500 years.

At this time the major hazard from the used fuel is no longer one of external exposure; for example, by these estimates, spending an hour about a foot away from a 500-year-old CANDU fuel bundle would result in radiation dose about 1/4 of the average annual background exposure, and thousands of times less than what is known to lead to physical harm.

Arthur Porter and known as the "Porter Commission") [9, 10].

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