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At last, just at sunset, she came upon a tiny hut in a wooded glen.The door was open and there was no one at home, so she thought she would stay and rest herself a little. Everything was very small inside, but as neat and charming as could be, and very very clean. But the seventh little bed was just right so she lay down in it and was soon fast asleep.

At one end of the room stood a table decked in white, and on it were seven little plates, seven little knives and forks and spoons, and seven little goblets. After the sun had set behind the seventh hilltop and darkness had crept into the room, the masters of the little hut came home—they were seven little dwarfs who dug all day and hacked away at the hills, in search of gems and gold.

In front of the table, each in its place, were seven little chairs; and at the far side of the room were seven beds, one beside the other, all made up with coverlets as pure and white as plum blossoms. They lit their seven little lights and saw right away that someone had been there, for things were not quite the same as they had left them in the morning.

Above her were leaves and leaves and leaves, about her the trunks of hundreds of trees, and she didn't know what to do.

She began to run, over jagged stones and through thorny thickets.

"And bring me a token," she added, "so that I may be sure you've obeyed me." So the huntsman called Snow White and led her into the woods but before he could harm her, she burst into tears and said, "Oh please, dear hunter, have mercy!