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There’s not one person in a million who can estimate the size of a crowd correctly.” Anyhow, sounds like a good time was had by all at the Eagles’ parade. There is even “Happiness Homework” - go home and meditate, get enough sleep, etc. A couple of years ago, great sports writer John Feinstein wrote about Charlie Jarvis.By far the star of the show was center Jason Kelce, dressed as a New Year’s Mummer (it's an only-in-Philly thing, sometihg like Mardi Gras) who gave one of the greatest sports speeches of all time (trigger warning: might contain an F-bomb or two). Things sure were a lot simpler in “my day.” We didn’t need no stinkin’ class. Start with the 2,334 career rushing yards, that still rank him eighth on Army's all-time rushing list, even though freshmen didn't play varsity ball in the 1960s, not to mention the fact that his alma mater has played run-oriented, option football for most of the last 35 years.

"I don't remember even being in Colorado and I certainly don't remember the touchdown, but I guess I played okay. I took their word for it." Mike Florio in NBCSN’s post-game show, said, “If the NFL would have more games like this in the regular season, they wouldn’t have a ratings problem.” If only.

The problem is that the old chestnut that the long-departed NFL Commissioner Bert Bell loved to repeat - “on any given Sunday, any NFL team can beat any other NFL team” - is a myth. Consider: I’ve divided the NFL teams into three categories, Good, Fair, and Bad (the teams are listed alphabetically).

Jarvis was closest to Parcells – the defensive coordinator.

"He couldn't let his guard down with the defensive guys," Jarvis says, smiling. But with guys like me, on the offensive side of the ball, he joked around and told stories all the time."(In his senior year) Army rolled through every other opponent, including a 10-7 win at Air Force in the first game Army ever played in Colorado Springs. The doctor was in front of me, looking down at his checklist.

During the speech - and several times afterward - he led the crowd in singing, a la Arsenal fans, to the tune of “Clementine” ... There's also the 1,110 rushing yards as senior in the fall of 1968, including the 253 yards against Boston College.