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Can DHV stories be used correctly and have the intended "attraction switching" effect?

Maybe, but no one seems to be field testing them these days because they're so easy to do poorly. In Mm, the goal was to flip as many attraction switches as possible.

Mystery stopped innovating and updating his method, stopped participating in public or private forums, and pretty much didn't defend himself or his method from the haters/onslaught of people mocking it (often for their own marketing purposes.) I suppose he has no responsibility to update his stuff or to defend it from critics, but I wish he had.20.

DHV stories being poorly done and usually coming off as bragging.

A lack of focus on just fucking, same night lays, pulling in less than 2-4 hours, and wracking up lay counts, and a much greater focus on getting numbers, getting multiple dates, spending closer to 7 hours to close the deal, and avoiding buyer's remorse.2.