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David Foster was sketchy about his relationship with Katharine Mc Phee, but not anymore ... David and Katharine were smooching it up during lunch Thursday in Bev Hills at E Baldi.

They've been seen together a lot, and they were clearly together but never said so ...

She was even set to play Marion Ravenwood in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” until it came to light she was cheating on Spielberg.

He took her back though, married her for four years, divorced her and gave her a $100 million settlement.

The two had sex for the first time, though Violet was uneasy. It was weird." Mel's attorney has said that Violet's story is an "absurd fabrication." Violet and Mel had "passionate" sex six more times, but she claims his dark side was bubbling under the surface.

"He didn't want to use protection, but I insisted," she says.

Let’s see…she came from nothing, she pursued Donald Sterling, she’s hot and he looks like his face is melting.