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For Be we see some improvements although the fast assembly data appear to be mutually inconsistent.

Actinide cross section updates are also assessed through comparisons of fission and capture reaction rate measurements in critical assemblies and fast reactors, and improvements are evident.

While we do our utmost to verify and double-check, nobody is perfect. Summer Quality-Control Failures, Disputes and Acquisitions Uncertainty Over V. Summer and Plant Vogtle Factors Determining the Future of Vogtle and V. Summer Westinghouse / Toshiba Guarantees Federal Loan Guarantees Tax Credits Costs to Customers and the Position of the Public Services Commissions President Trump on Nuclear Power Termination of V. Summer project Potential Newcomer Countries Under Construction Contracts Signed “ Committed Plans” “ Well Developed Plans ” “Developing plans” Conclusion on Potential Newcomer Countries Nuclear finances A Tough Market Environment Introduction The Trend Towards a Decentralized Model About Spot Power-Price Exposure Contracting Profits The German Nuclear Singularity The Spin-off Idea Creation of the KFK and Provision Analysis Proposal of a Sovereign Fund for Nuclear Waste Effects of the Low-Rate Environment Lower Interest Cost and Higher Debt Levels Lower Allowed Returns on Regulated Assets Higher Provision Requirements Higher Pension Deficits Company Strategy, Share Price Behavior, and Results RWE (Germany) E. Nuclear Fleet Figure 24 | IAEA Forecasts of Installed Nuclear Capacity Figure 25 | RWE Forward Contracting Figure 26 | Average Profitability of Six European Nuclear Operators Figure 27 | Average European Nuclear Operator Credit Ratios Figure 28 | RWE Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 29 | E.

The authors are always grateful for corrections and suggested improvements. ON (Germany) AREVA (France) EDF (France) ENGIE (France) ENEL (Italy) TEPCO (Japan) Toshiba (Japan) KEPCO (South Korea) CGN (China) Exelon (U. ON Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 30 | AREVA Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 31 | EDF Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 32 | ENGIE Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 33 | TEPCO Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 34 | Toshiba Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 35 | Kepco Share Price Development Since 2006 Figure 36 | CGN Share Price Development Since its Launch in 2014 Figure 37 | European Emission Trading System Performance Figure 38 | Distribution of Radiation Doses According to Airborne Monitoring Figure 39 | Estimated Cost of Fukushima Accident Countermeasures Figure 40 | Global Investment Decisions in Renewables and Nuclear Power 2004-2016 Figure 41 | Top 10 Countries for Renewable Energy Investment 2014-2016 Figure 42 | Wind, Solar and Nuclear Capacity and Production in the World Figure 43 | Wind, Solar and Nuclear Capacity and Production in China 2000-2016 Figure 44 | Startup and Shutdown of Electricity Generating Capacity in the EU in 2016 Figure 45 | Variations in Installed Capacity and Electricity Generation in the EU Figure 46 | Wind, Solar and Nuclear Capacity and Production in India 2000-2016 Figure 47 | Suspended Angra-3 Construction Site in November 2015 Figure 48 | Age Distribution of Chinese Nuclear Fleet Figure 49 | Nuclear Reactors Startups and Shutdowns in the EU28, 1956–2017 Figure 50 | Nuclear Reactors and Net Operating Capacity in the EU28 Figure 51 | Age Distribution of the EU28 Reactor Fleet Figure 52 | Age Distribution of Swiss Nuclear Fleet Table of tables Table 1 | Nuclear Reactors “Under Construction” (as of 1 July 2017) Table 2 | Reactor Construction Times 2007–2017 Table 3 | Legal Closure Dates for German Nuclear Reactors 2011-2022 Table 4 | Japanese Reactors Officially Shut Down Post-3/11 Table 5 | Early Shutdowns of U. Reactors 2009–2025 Table 6 | Summary of Nuclear Newcomer Countries (Actual and Potential) Table 7 | Credit Rating History of Major European Utilities Table 8 | Nuclear Operators’ Provisions Table 9 | Results of Thyroid Cancer Examinations 2011-2016 Table 10 | Total Cesium Measured in Food Products in Fukushima Prefecture Table 12 | Government and Independent Assessments of Cleanup and Remediation Costs of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster (in billion US$) Table 11 | Closure Dates for Belgian Nuclear Reactors 2022–2025 Table 13 | Status of Japanese Nuclear Reactor Fleet (as of 1 July 2017) Table 14 | Status of Nuclear Power in the World (as of 1 July 2017) Table 15 | Nuclear Reactors in the World “Under Construction” (as of 1 July 2017) Nuclear power was born in a sea of euphoria out of a collective American guilt over dropping the atomic bomb.

The exhibition includes the models and replicas of the following Russian inventions: the first satellite, Sputnik 1 (the ball shape under the ceiling); the first spacesuits (lower-left corner); the first human spaceflight module, Vostok 1 (center); the first Molniya-type satellite (upper right corner); the first space rover, Lunokhod 1 (six-wheeled vehicle bottom-right); the first space station, Salyut 1 (left); the first modular space station, Mir (upper left).

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