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Finally, at the beginning of August, they promised her the work order for installation was in progress.

Right before Labor Day, they confirmed the machine was open for business, a full week early.

When students return to Stanford University this month they will find a curious machine in their midst.

Nailed to the wall in the gender neutral bathroom in the Old Union building, it looks just like every other vending machine on campus. Instead, it sells My Way, a generic brand of emergency contraception, and male and female condoms.

Many pharmacists today still either don’t stock Plan B or they simply refuse to sell it unrestricted to young people, despite the fact that the FDA approved it for over-the-counter sale to women (and men) of all ages back in 2013.“Pharmacists have a right to regulate their own stores,” explains Annaliese Johnson, a former organizer for NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland who worked with student leaders at the University of Maryland on their vending machine efforts.

Translation: Just because Plan B and similar products found that not only did just 83% of pharmacies stock emergency contraception, 51% of pharmacists told researchers posing as teens that they either needed a prescription or to be a certain age to get the drug.

’”Then again, maybe Stanford was right to be so worried.

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