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Inside, Tina Fey -- whose mostly praised, largely unwatched 30 Rock will win the Emmy for best comedy tomorrow night -- is engaged in what the deafening noise level requires one to presume is sharp, observational dialogue.

Her costar Alec Baldwin is holding court nearby, though he seems distracted.

I had my own distribution company, so I know how the value is created off the shows.

It's not consistent with the way the process normally works, but it's so much more of a valuable background."Silverman decided early on that he'd have a career in television.

He's doing this thing with his eyes -- a quick glance across the room, then another, then a casual head turn. But man, last night..." He's referring to the private gathering he hosted with some nightclub promoters at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills to celebrate the twenty-four Emmy nominations earned by shows he produced before taking the network gig -- and, he says, to demonstrate that the cool kids now hang with NBC.