Amber dating 3 men

You think you finally found "the one", but then, wait, red flag, he still texts his ex? Well fast forward three months, you guys stop talking and he's dating her again. OK, we know it sounds contradictory, but it happens.

This is the guy that every time you go on a date, he does the most, even if you're just going to Starbucks.

So she decided to try a little man-juggling."I would date a guy and if I liked him, start picturing our wedding within the first three dates," she admits. Every invite I got would become, 'Oh, I can invite him to this.' Every dress I bought would be, 'Oh, I can wear this in front of him.' And this would go on and on for three month cycles or so."She consciously tried to break this habit by dating more than one person at a time.

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"So I like a really butch girl." Rose responds, "I used to date a trans man, actually.

So I find that hot as well." "I like transmen," Cho agrees. So right now, there are a lot of different people on my [Pinterest] board and you can't really make any sort of sense of type. On that, Amber also agrees, saying, "Like Billy Bob [Thornton] is so f**kable to me." Honestly? I love that Amber Rose spoke about her attraction to trans men as a non-issue, because it absolutely is.

But dating coach David Wygant says dating three to find the one isn't always the best mantra, and can even be emotionally "dangerous.""You can date as many people as you handle," he says.

"But some people date around because they are needy." Instead of worrying about how many dates you have and it being a balancing act, Wygant suggests women "date from feelings.

Is it his new relationship with Amber or all that Cali sunshine that are responsible for keeping a smile on his face?