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Norwich fails to deliver | Secret society rubbish is fit only for the bin | RBS sorry for 'huge delay' | Abbey owns up to errors | Gloomy news on the Brights |Would you credit it?

| Update on Powerplan Norwich fails to deliver I paid for holiday insurance through First Direct (underwritten by Norwich Union) this summer.

The ASA asked for proof of benefits such as "you will be having sex with beautiful women in one week." The ASA said Neo-Tech had "not provided evidence, other than anecdotal, to show the guaranteed earnings, improvements to health, and other benefits had been, or could be, attained." So, send the letter from Novus Tek to a recycling bin and save your cash.

RBS sorry for 'huge delay'In early April, a cloned copy of my Royal Bank of Scotland debit card was fraudulently used to remove £200 from my account at a cash machine.

More realistically, don't waste more money on travel insurance when you next go to Ireland. If you lose belongings, you can generally claim under your household cover for valuables such as cameras or jewellery.