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This should be considered to be positive support for the use of CBI to improve emotion recognition.

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Yes – Was there evidence that a specific, predetermined strategy was used to evaluate the sources? In addition, the discussed disagreements and came to a consensus on all disagreements.

Yes – Did the reviewers or review teams rate the sources independently? – If the reviewers provided interrater reliability data, list them: Not Applicable – If there were no interrater reliability data, was an alternate means to insure reliability described?

Yes, all the research concerned with prosodic recognition of emotion was in the positive direction. 113-120 REVIEWER(S): pmh DATE: April 20, 2015 ASSIGNED GRADE FOR OVERALL QUALITY: B – POPULATION: Asperger’s syndrome (AS); adolescents PURPOSE: To investigate the ability of adolescents diagnosed with AS to perceive basic emotions from Finnish speech prosody INSIGHTS ABOUT PROSODY: edition HFA = High Functioning Autism P = participant pmh = Patricia Hargrove, blog developer SCQ = Social Communication Questionnaire TYP = typical peer SOURCE: Nadig, A., & Shaw, H. Acoustic and perceptual measurement of expressive prosody in High-Functioning Autism: Increased pitch range and what it means to listeners. REVIEWER(S): pmh DATE: March 31, 2015 ASSIGNED GRADE FOR OVERALL QUALITY: B (The highest possible grade, based on the design of the investigation was B .) TAKE AWAY: Findings support the contention that Ps with High Functioning Autism (HFA) produced larger than typical pitch ranges in speech of Ps with although group data revealed that listeners did not perceive the pitch variability of speakers with HFA and their typically developing peers to be significantly different.

Other measures (mean pitch and rate) were not significantly different in HFA children/adolescents and their typically developing peers (TYP.) Although there were moderate correlations between perceptual and acoustic measures of mean pitch and speaking rate, the correlation between the acoustic and perceptual measure of pitch change/variability was not significant. Music therapy with young people who have profound intellectual and developmental: Four cases exploring communication and engagement with musical interactions. REVIEWER(S): pmh DATE: March 23, 2015 ASSIGNED OVERALL GRADE: D- (Highest possible grade, based on the design of the investigation is D .) TAKE AWAY: Music therapy (MT) was not clearly better than a comparison intervention but the investigators contended that music therapy creates engaging environments which set the stage for interpersonal communication.

Briefly, the rationale was that tonal pitch and the ability to distinguish music emotion is preserved in most individuals with ASD.