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Multi-core processors support all modern electronic devices nowadays. He has many book chapters published by international press and about 150 published papers in international (conf. He has served as a reviewer for many high quality journals, including Journal of Engineering Mansoura University.

However, power management is one of the most critical issues in the design of today’s microprocessors. from Computers & Systems Engineering, all from Mansoura University, Egypt. His interests are in the areas of network security, mobile agent, Network management, Search engine, pattern recognition, distributed databases, and performance analysis.

Our interconnection scheme is complemented by interconnect-aware scheduling and additional interconnect optimizations which help boost the performance of multiprogramming and multithreaded workloads.

accommodating workload diversity in chip multiprocessors via-18

Our cost-effective reconfigurable interconnection network is implemented on a traditional shared bus interconnect with snoopy-based coherence, and it enables improved multicore performance.

The proposed interconnect architecture distributes the cores of the processor into clusters with reconfigurable logic between clusters to support workload-adaptive policies for inter-cluster communication.

In this paper, we propose a reconfigurable approach to the design of interconnection networks so that the interconnect could be configured on-demand based on workload characteristics.

Since the interconnection network serves as a communication mechanism between the different memory modules in the system, the interaction of the workload with the memory system has direct implications on the performance of the interconnection network.

Designing an efficient interconnection network for a chip multiprocessor (CMP) is a challenging problem.